Cabin Shock Absorbers

One of the main goals of engineering is to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Since tires cannot fully absorb vibration, using a suspension system and preventing vibration from being transmitted to the cabin is the subject of study in this field. Cabin shock absorbers, manufactured by attaching a spring to STAL hydraulic shock absorbers that are designed for different cabin types, are precisely designed to solve these three problems. In addition, this series, whichise also designed to provide comfort inside the cabin,consistst of telescopic, spiral, adjustable,airrspring,g and gas pressure shock absorbers. It provides maximum performance in carrying the cabin load and sudden load formation thanks to varioushigh-qualityy springs used in its design and the use of adjustable parts designed by taking advantage of the low weight, high corrosionresistance,e and recyclable advantages of aluminum. In addition, cabin shock absorbers are also a part of this product group, in which pressure-changeable air springs are used instead of springs, thus providing comfort and road holding by adjusting the shock absorber stiffness on imperfect roads and on sharp bends. The comfort zone included in the shock absorberdesign,n according to preference and usagestyle,e provides a smooth driving experience when the vehicles are operated in the comfort zone.Grooves width may vary depending on different vehicle types and usage purposes. While high-speed-oriented vehicles or vehicles designed for rough roads have a narrower comfort zone, comfort-oriented vehicles offer a comfortable travel experience with a wide comfort zone. This very wide product range consists of shock absorbers designed for the following vehicles:; Mercedes, MAN, Daf, Scania, Renault, Volvo, Iveco,Ford,d etc.